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Genie Garage Door Opener IntelliG1000, 3024, 3024H, ChainMax 1000, 3022, OverHead Door Garage Door Opener Odyssey™ 1000 and 7030 Powerhead and Chain Channel Assembly Parts List

Belt Channel Assembly (click here)

Genie Garage Door OpenersOverHead Door Garage Door Openers Destiny

  No. Item Powerhead Assembly Description Cost Quantity

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1 36969R GENIE Motor Assembly IntelliG 1000 1200

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1A 36947A GENIE Screw, Motor, M6 X1-12

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2 37470R3 GENIE Circuit Board Assembly 1000 (old part number 36681R1)

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2A 27255C04 GENIE Circuit Board Screws IntelliG 1000 1200 #6 18X3/8 (3) TriloG 1200 and 1500

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4 37099A GENIE Power Cord Assembly 44" Strain Relief IntelliG 1000 1200 TriLoG 1500 1200

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4 37099B GENIE Power Cord Assembly 68" Strai Relief IntelliG 1000 1200 and TriloG 1500, 1200

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5 37564R GENIE Cover Assembly, IntelliG 1000, Light Socket and Harness Assembly, Programming Buttons

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5A 086575.0808 GENIE Cover Screws (2) 10-32 X 1/2

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6 38425A GENIE Light Lens Cover IntelliG 1000 1200, TriloG 1200, 1500

Chain Channel Assembly Description

  1-2   Rail Assembly 7', 8', 10', 12' and 14' (not sold separately)    

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3 36728A GENIE Head to Rail Bracket
Genie Garage Door Openers Tensioner Assembly IntelliG 1000 4 37857R.S GENIE Tensioner Assembly IntelliG 1000 120, old part number 37110R

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5 36764A GENIE Chain Pulley 1200 1000

Genie Garage Door Openers Chain Bullet Assembly 37557R

6 37557R GENIE Chain Bullet Assembly

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7 37562R GENIE Chain and Bullet Assembly 7 Foot

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  37562S GENIE Chain and Bullet Assembly 8 Foot

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  37562T GENIE Chain and Bullet Assembly 10 Foot Special Order
    37562U GENIE Chain and Bullet Assembly for 12 Foot Special Order
    37562V GENIE Chain and Bullet Assembly for 14 Foot Special Order

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8 37559R GENIE Chain Drive Sprocket Assembly

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9 36773R GENIE Carriage Assembly 7 Foot Doors

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  36773S GENIE Carriage Assembly 8 Foot Doors
    36773T GENIE Carriage Assembly 10, 12, 14 Foot Special Order

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10 37107C GENIE Carriage Release Handle

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11 26013D GENIE Curved Door Arm IntelliG 1000 1200

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12 37049R GENIE Blue Parts Bag, Door Arm Bolt and Nut, Rail to Head Screws, Clevis Pin Door Arm to Door Bracket, Hair Pin Door Arm to Door Bracket

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13 37047R GENIE Orange Part Bag, Door Bracket and Self Tapping Screws, Header Bracket, Pin and Pin Quick Connect

Items Not Shown


  G3T-BX GENIE Garage Remote Control 3 Button

 Genie Garage Door Opener Series III Wall Control 37222R

  37222R GENIE GBWC-BX Wall Control

GENIE Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry

  GK-BX GENIE Wireless Keyless Entry

  35265B GENIE Wire 90'

  34545R 30 insulated staples with 2 screws.

Garage Door Opener Safety-T-Beam Sensors 37220R

  37220R GENIE Garage Door Safety Sensors, no wire included

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  26012D GENIE Door Arm Straight
    37216R GENIE Rail Support Assembly 12-14 Foot ONLY





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